Slew Bearing

A slew bearing is a rotational bearing with gear ring that was drove by a motor. The slew bearing usually supports a very heavy machine that can slowly turn on a horizontal platform. Typically the slew bearing was used in solar energy tracking system, crane, wind turbines, man lift systems, and many other applications.

Our slewing bearing was designed and manufactured according to

  • Mechanical standard JB/T2300-1999
  • Marine standard CB/T3669-1995 and
  • Construction industrial standard JG/T66-1999

We can provide many types of slewing bearings their diameter from 400mm to 2000mm. The ring gear can be either internal or external gear. Our slewing bearing includes:

  • Rolling slewing bearing;
  • Single row slewing bearing;
  • Double row slewing bearing;
  • Multi-row slewing bearing;
  • Angular contact slewing bearing;
  • Ball slewing bearing;
  • Three point contact ball slewing bearing;