Planetary Gearboxes (Small)

We provide high precision military products and low cost commercial products. We have 3 series of planetary gearboxes for different precision and cost needs. They are PJ series, PH series, and PM series.
Our planetary gearboxes have 19 diameter sizes from Ø8 to Ø110 mm including thousands models. They covered gearboxes size from small to medium. The main features are in the table below.

Our planetary gearboxes features:
• Reliable
• Low cost
• Small size
• Large output torque, compare with other same sixe gearboxes
• Large ratio, up to 100,000 in 5 stages

The drawing below show the PJ10 planetary gearboxes’ information.

The table below is the comparison of 3 series planetary gearboxes in same diameter Ø10.